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Guitar Hero

As a gamer, I have played a lot of videogames, from cellphone to present day consoles. Any type, any platform, you name it. But I’m so proud to say that if there’s one class of game which made me feel right in the action, feel passionate, made me scream, suffer, and above all, feel like a rock star, that one game is Guitar Hero. I remember investing my money in the whole package, containing one guitar, mic (I never used it because of my I-can’t-sing-a-thing voice), the transmitter-receiver, Guitar Hero: World Tour game and the best of all contents inside the box, the one and only, this amazing drum controller! Man, I get chills just to think about hitting those cymbals, stepping on that pedal and smashing snares. Once, I’ve played with threefolks of mine: THAT reunion, we gather in order to recreate Metallica, Van Halen (always in my heart), KISS, Ozzy, Billy Idol, Creedence and so many more great bands, and yes, we mixed those controllers with RockBand games too: The Beatles and AC/DC. Ok, maybe this could be like putting DC and Marvel together, o eating McDonald’s with Burger King fries, or something. But RockBand’s drums wasn’t stealing my attention, GH’s did.
Self birthday gift.
In my personal twitter (@_droide_) as in the greatest blog ever, 99 Coins, I follow GH account. Almost every weekthey RT some fans comments about personal achievements, GH parties, sometimes about people spending quality time with their families playing the game and so on  and so on.But what about new games? Or is it enough with all those downloadable songs? Is it? IS IT? I don’t think so (I hope none of you do), or at least there’s so many bands, I mean classic bands with several incredible creations, and these could be together making one hell of a game.
So, I decided to contribute rather than complaining about. And here I am, listing my ideas expecting nothing but you to listen. Guitar Hero, read carefully, because you may be in front of your next top selling music videogame!

Three guitars at the same time!!!
  • Queen. There’s no reason to explain myself, I mean, easily standing in the top 5 of greatest bands ever. Even the game could have just 2 or 3 songs, although they got plenty more. Seriously, Queen is such an epic band… no, it’s a legend. I agree that whoever tries to sing as Freddy gonna have a hard time, although GH isn’t about copycat but recreating, having fun, hitting the stage. The other mates won’t have an easy job either, but that’s not important unless you are trying to make a replica band. Queen can only have tributes, and playing and singing those anthems, are enough to demonstrate we never forget. Bohemian Rhapsody, Flash, Tie your mother down, Don’t stop me now, the two most incredible stadium hits (you know which ones): We will rock you and We are the champions. Just to mention the 1% of the greatness.
  • Black Sabbath. Nobody ever say videogames should be “Everyone” rated. And this deserves capital R. I have to admit almost every song in Sabbath story contains non-child material. But really, who cares? They are awesome (are, not were) and their music is too. As we all know (hope you do) Sabbath belong to British invasion, among others, they introduce real hard rock to United States and spread the disease along the entire continent. Millions of records were sold because of two obvious reasons: Ozzy and Tommy. That’s why singing and playing guitar in this one, is gonna be ridiculously hard. I’ve heard some Sabbath songs but not in the same game, and those were truly successful songs, perhaps their greatest ones, even though many more are missing the list: NIB, Never say die, Children of the Grave, Iron Man (greatest hard rock song ever!), War Pigs, Evil Woman, Changes, Sabbath bloodfy Sabbath,Sabbra Cadabra, Behind the wall of sleep. Just to mention a few. I deeply believe this band deserves this tribute, and honoring them should be done, right away. National day? Not quite, for now. Let me go to their concert next weekend in Mexico. Then it will be.
Ozzy was part of GH 5 with a couple of songs.
  • The Rolling Stones. These fellows are like the good wines: the more the years, the better they get. It looks like they are continuously improving and challenging themselves. And also make me think about never dying, like their music. I visualize this make-a-wish game with lots of fun because think about this for a second: using Kinect, PlayStation Move or WiiMote, our movements could be read and used for animate singer Jagger in the screen. This feature would be awesome in order to make a more realistic experience, assuring so much fun for those who aren’t singing, and really hard exercise for the us as pseudo Mick. I’ve played some Stones songs, but many more are missing, and the audience is needed for more. Now, here is the plot twist: the game must be full of LIVE songs.
  • Guns N’ Roses. Went to a concert when there were onlyAxl and Dizzy as former band members about 6 years ago in Mexico City: it just wowed me and melt my brains out. They nailed it big time. Imagine all of that energy (even they were old enough) and charisma printed in every song. That was pure crude hard rock all over the stage. We all can agree that Axl-Slash pair is among the best in musical scene. Just as Sabbath, I got the entire discography and choose only 15 or 20 songs it’s a mission on difficult mode. I repeat the dose here:move devices over here please. And here is a little requestStranged is a MUST!
  • The Ramones. We are trying to extend ideas for a super huge music everybody-wants-it videogame, right? So it HAS to be extremely fun, and “fun” is the representing word for The Ramones. If you could watch their videos, or had the chance to see them alive, you’ll know this is true. No matter what the lyrics said, you feel in such a good mood when hearing them. I don’t really know if it’s about the beat, the drums, or voice, I just know that if I’m down, play them and the bad attitude goes away, instantly. That easy. The best part is how simple their music is and will be simpler to play just because it’s fun, and when this happens, hitting the notes no longer will be a problem. Like some people say, The Ramones are “the bee’s knees”. Recommendation: Collector’s Edition must contain a gigantic black wig to reallyREALLY rock on!
  • KISS. The best party anthem ever, belongs to the costume and make up kings. The greatest gig I’ve attend was one of KISS (Guadalajara, México). Some songs were louder than others, or harder than the rest. But at all time the party never stopped, like the fireworks, the explosions, guys flying, fire here, firethere, blood over here, tongue over there. KISS is a worldwide band known for their amazing and mesmerizing shows. So, picture this: a game about nothing else but concerts in those wonderful scenarios like only KISS can have, playing their most shocking hits. This one idea over here it’s more achievable than the others: when it comes to business with Gene Simmons, if it’s profitable, he’s gonna do it. For sure.Hey, you can even sell it with an axe-shaped guitar. Nice!
  • Nirvana. Real grunge. We found in Cobain’s that genius mind which changed the music, and also set the standards for this gender. Since calm and relaxed tunes, to explosive songs, Nirvana has it all. Years gone by and still are famous despite the unfortunate events on Kurt’s life. Please, not unplugged.
  • Iron Maiden. Some people will disagree right here. I hope so many more were on this side because like it or not, Iron Maiden set the standard so high for metal. Criticized for their lyrics about devil, witches, killings, and other kind of evil things, they managed to leave that behind and kept doing greats stories converted in songs. Not satisfied, their shows are incredible displays of pyrotechny, awesome Dickinson’s dancing, amazing scenarios, and the never missing Eddie, this demon who never stops killing and “smiling” (it’s like anger and hatred in his face, but smile is more appropriate) and keeps us screaming and raising our fists. Iron Maiden has enough repertory to make more than one videogame, but let’s just ask for 2 things: concert songs and nothing but Bruce Dickinson’s voice. Again, this baby is going to be pretty hard for drummer, guitar player, singer but a super great challenge (I really want this) for the bassist. Oh-my-god.
  • Misfits. I know the last 8 bands are juggernaut-size famous. But this one right over here is the real deal (ok, one of my very personal choices). Those who had the opportunity to get inside Misfits history, will know that former singer Danzig is a great Metallica’s influence. Well, Misfits in the Danzig’s era. I strongly recommend not concert songs because they’re not as good as studio versions. Although this videogame could be one not-for-children rated because of the songs and its witches, murders, aliens, creepy things contents: remember that Misfits is a horror punk band. Or maybe this is a way to get children in order to teach them great great greatmusic instead of the one they’re listening in these days. Between all the songs picked, 3 or 4 must belong to “Famous Monsters”, several form “American Psycho”, “Monster Mash” from “Project 1950” (greatest version), and not so many from “The Devil’s Rain”. From the other albums, every song is an option.
Guitar Hero: Metallica was amazing. Truly amazing.

During the making of this article, I had another great idea, and it’s related to graphics. I don’t like at all hearing realsingers voices in such horrible bodies. I mean, it’s like hearing Ozzy and watching some kind of disgusting pop artist look alike character in the screen, and sometimes (you won’t let me lie) it just ruins the mood. I’m aware that must of the time I’m not watching the band, but I do before the song starts and the notes begin to roll down, when finally finish to perform, this awful character appears triumphant and celebrates MY success, not his, doing some weird movements taking away little pieces of joy, like when you eat a great burger and the final bite taste not so great because its lack of ketchup. So, in addition to the recent videogames ideas, one more on the way: use models that match identically to the original band members, it’s not like you have to capture everyone’s faces, patterns, movements and more, you know your job and you’ll figure out how to make a better on screen experience, talking about characters. You’ve done it before with Metallica, Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more. So please keep up the great work and do it in the graphics department too, please. Guys please. Please please please.
Oh, the crowd. We live for the applause, but considering the fact we are indeed rock stars, we MUST have the right to choose whether we want or not encore. I’m not saying it isn’t nice to be acclaimed by fans, but not always the songs to encore are that good. Maybe if we had the chance to pick up the song, we’d be glad to satisfy people’s needs. I remember playing more than three songs and asked for encore: great and fast beat in the first ones, and then some romantic or boring tune. What? At the beginning people get pumped and high, but then, in the last song, everybody werelooking for the end, like “please grab that gun and take away this pain”. Guitar Hero producers, if it’s not much to ask, please reflect on this matter, just my opinion.
Like everybody else, I love music, and as many others, I enjoy playing Guitar Hero, not just for the achievements, or the 5 stars performances, nor even the songs (although they’re pretty awesome), it’s all for the fun. Yeah, the experience and the feeling of being a rock star, the crowd screaming for more and booing when they aren’t entertained. Failing never felt so nice, and those who pass through this will understand. The greatness of these games lies on the emotions, and I dare to say, in the fellowship created when people gather to play it, not saying that alone isn’t that good, because it is in so many ways, but with companion whether is in a battle or coop, the failure or success in stage goes beyond fun and exciting. Guitar Hero combines great music, hand-eye coordination, amazing gameplay, not so finegraphics and such a nice atmosphere to rock.

I will never forget playing as Eddie Van Halen, my all-time idol.
Many years and notes since the first time I drove people mad. Since I made the guitar squeal and knock the drums. Plenty of music games I’ve finished and at the same time, I haven’t enough. Pretty sure you aren’t as well. So, guys in Guitar Hero team, in the name of millions of rock stars and gamers, please return to the shinning marquee with some kick ass title, not necessarily one of my ideas, just come back because here we are, waiting for that one great game to dress up and rock: old fashioned, new age, pop rock, metal or whatever you want. Remember, head banging never will get old.

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