viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

Thank you Greg

If you, Greg Miller, are reading this, thank you for it.

I write for two sites now, and I recently had a problem in one if them, because they weren't satisfied with my style, my enthusiastic and fanboy style. I took a stand and defend my review. 

Why? Because...

You become my example, and that's why I know inside me, that the only thing to make me successful, is to believe in me and have a lot of faith in my work. That, I learned it from you, from hearing, watching, reading every piece I could. I'll never change my style because that's what makes me the way I am, and I know you believe in this as well. Thank you again for showing me how to stand still. For inspiring me to be a better journalist, and try to go one step at a time in order to reach my goals.

Never stop being you. 

Andres Portillo 

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